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12 Fastest Dog Breeds

This little Guy May not be the fastest dog breed , but that does not stop him from trying.

Dogs love to RUN! Or maybe all the dogs I’ve ever met or owned just loved to run from me. Have you every tried running from you dog and realized your four-legged friend caught up to you like nothing? These guys are fast, except for a few lazy exceptions. Have you ever wondered how fast can dogs run? Or What’s the fastest dog breeds? I know I have. So, I’m going to answer your questions or give you a lot of useless trivial knowledge in case you ever end up on jeopardy and dog speeds are a category. Anyway, let’s get into it.

The 12 Fastest Dog Breeds List:

12. Border Collie Top Speed 30 Miles per Hour/ 48Kmh

We get the list going here with the Border Collie. The Collie works as a herding dog and a very fast one at that. A very energetic, friendly dog but leave this collie trap indoor with limited space and he will very quickly become dissatisfied and destroy the place. Although he’s number 12 on the list, 30 Miles per hour is no stroll in the park.

11. Standard Poodle/German Sheppard Top Speed 30 Miles per Hour/ 48.2Kmh

I would of never though that a poodle would be as fast as a German Sheppard. Poodle are known as one of the smartest breeds of dog, these water retrievers can be class as one of the fastest along with the 3rd most popular breed of dog in the world which is the German Sheppard. The German Sheppard, often used as security dogs are not only fast, but strong and intelligent.

10. Doberman Top Speed 32 Miles per Hour/ 51.5Kmh

Another German dog bred for guarding and security. Doberman are very energetic and require a lot of exercise. These dogs can become aggressive if they lack exercise, so they are not suit for persons with little time to attend to them.

9. Jack Russel Terrier Top Speed 33 Miles per Hour/ 53Kmh

Who would of thought that “My Dog Skip” could run so fast with those little legs? Given the size, this makes the Jack Russel Terrier top speed so much more impressive. These guys share many of the same characteristic as other terriers and should not be trusted without wearing a leash.

8. The Whippet Top Speed 34 Miles per Hour/ 54.7Kmh

The Whippet which is family to the Greyhound, so not a surprise they are also super-fast. They share a lot of the same characteristics as they Greyhound. They are playful, friendly and loyal all great qualities for one of the fastest dog breeds and a good family dog.

7. The Weimaraner Top Speed 35 Miles per Hour/ 54.7Kmh

The Weimaraner is another hunting dog on the list. They are Loyal, vigilant, friendly and compassionate, making them a good companion and all-around great dog.

6. The Dalmatian Top Speed 35 Miles per Hour/ 56.3Kmh

One of the most easily noticeable dogs, with its one of the or 101, dalmatians whit coats with the traditional black and brown spots makes them standout. These guard dogs are muscular and full of endurance which makes them great to guard much more than just firehouse equipment these days.

5. The Russian Wolfhound Top Speed 36 Miles per Hour/ 60Kmh

You may know this sight-hound as a Borzoi but you can just call it FAST! Because that’s what it is. This sight-hound originated in the orient before becoming popular in Russia. The Borzoi top speed of 36 miles per hours helps when hunting wolves, which it was bred to do.

4. The Afghan Hound Top Speed 40 Miles per Hour/ 64.3 Kmh

A relative to the Saluki which is another one of the fastest dog breeds on this list, the Afghan Hound is Know for their unique and beautiful long fur. This sight-hound is not really used for hunting any more in America and Europe.

3. The Vizsla Top Speed 40 Miles per Hour/ 64.3 Kmh

Besides from being one of the fastest dog breeds, the Vizsla in energetic, loyal and playful. These dogs also crave attention and will often whine or bark when feeling ignored or unhappy. They are very mild mannered and make for great pets. Like all other hunting dogs they require lots of exercise.

2. Saluki Top Speed 42 Miles per Hour/ 67.5Kmh

The Saluki is sighthound, originally bred in the middle east. These medium size dogs are very energetic and need a lot of space to run and play. They are also said to not only be able to run at great speeds but also has the endurance to sustain longer than most of the world’s fastest dog breeds.

1. Greyhound Top Speed 45 Miles per Hour / 72.5Kmh

fastest dog breeds in the world
The Greyhound Running at Top Speed

Its no surprise that the Greyhounds top speed tops our list of the fastest dog breeds. The Greyhound, the fastest dog in the world is a sight-hound, originally used for hunting. These awesome sprinters are very calm when they are not running at top speeds, they are friendly and loyal and make for great family pets. They can get pretty big, up to 85 pounds so you need to have a significant amount of space to take care of these gentle giants.

Fun Facts

A Greyhound, the world’s fastest dog breed in the world can outrun a horse. Although this is only true for short distances of maybe quarter mile or less, Because horses are endurance runners and can keep up their speeds for much longer periods than the Greyhound. Therefore I guess it would be more accurate to say the Greyhound can out sprint a horse.

Are The Worlds Fastest Dog Breeds faster than Humans?

How do the worlds fastest dog breeds measure up to humans? The fastest human in the world, which is Usain Bolt, his top speed ever recorded was 27.8 Miles per hour/ 44.72 Kmh. By no mean is this a small accomplishment, it is quite the opposite. Any one of the fast dog breeds would leave him behind and if you ever seen him run at the Olympics you will know 27.8mph is fast. That’s to say how fast the dogs are.

The Fastest Dog Breeds vs The Fastest Domestic Cat Breeds

The fastest domestic cat in the world is the Egyptian Mau which reaches a top speed or 30 Miles per Hour/ 48.2 Kmh. Which means the majority of the fastest dog breeds would out run the fastest breed of domestic cats but the fastest domestic cat can out run almost every other breed of dog. Beside a cheetah which is technically a cat can run of speeds up to 75 Miles per Hour/ 120 Kmh, which is almost twice as fast as the worlds fastest dog breed, the Greyhound. These dogs can sure run, but for some dogs that can really bite check out the dog breeds with the strongest bite.

Dogs That Would of made the List of the 14 Fastest Dog Breeds:

The Giant Schnauzer Top Speed of 28 Miles per Hour/ 45 Kmh   

The largest of the schnauzer breed as the name suggest. The top speed of this Schnauzer was a surprise to me. I know Schnauzers are often used as guard dogs but had no clue they were this fast.

The Scottish Deerhound Top Speed of 29 Miles per hour/ 46.6 Kmh

A dog bred to hunt, no surprise, like many other breeds of hunting dogs, the Scottish Deerhound is very fast as well.

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